13 December 2022

Web Shop Review Presentation – A Case Study

Online shopping has never been more popular and even then, there are people who doubt their security. People like to see reviews, whether in written form or to get recommendations from other people.

While most web shops have reviews available for customers to see, there are a few outliers which do not. The consequence of not having reviews displayed anywhere on the site is customers trusting the shop less.

Following is a study of why that is a problem nowadays and how it can be resolved.

No Reviews Is Viewed as a Red Flag

Nowadays, customers need to know that they can trust a web shop, or even a product. Rarely will someone purchase at a new shop, without knowing or trusting the shop. There are a few trailblazers, or even reviewers, however, such people do not represent a shop’s customer base.

Having no reviews on the web shop, whether those of the shop itself, or of the products or services, will tell the new customers that nobody purchased anything from the shop, or rather, bothered to leave a review.

Some adventurous buyers might purchase something from a web shop with no reviews, but even then, it would be very few people.

Reviews are very important and here is why.

Reviews Are a Sign of Trust and Transparency

The internet is known for allowing people to speak their minds and sometimes, what comes out is not that nice.

Customers will leave negative reviews and some shops tend to hide such reviews. However, even a negative review is a review, and it can firstly, point the shop in the right direction, and secondly, tell others that someone has purchased from the shop.

Reviews can always be present in a non-intrusive way, so that the customers know that others have visited the shop and completed their purchases successfully.

Keeping customers updated with the most recent reviews is also recommended, so that they have a sense of a timeline and of a web shop that has been sealing deals on a regular basis.

Reviews can be displayed in a couple of ways:

  • A carousel on the home page
  • A sidebar on the About Us page
  • A special blog article dedicated to addressing negative reviews
  • Displaying a “review of the week/month” in the header

Getting creative with review placement is recommended, because not every site is designed the same way.

As mentioned above, addressing and solving negative reviews or rather, the issues that people had, should be done and will show the customers that their opinions matter.

Before & After – Reviews Have a Large Impact

It is really simple, reviews, whether negative or positive, have a huge impact on any type of online business, be that a product, web shop or service provider.

Customers love seeing reviews, negative and positive ones, because they mean interaction and feedback. Customers also enjoy seeing online businesses acting and addressing negative reviews.

Displaying the reviews so that the customers can see them on any relevant page (excluding the shopping cart and checkout pages) will increase the likelihood of that customer making a purchase or leaving a review of their own.

Present your shop’s reviews as soon as possible, and if you have any trouble deciding where to place them, contact our team.


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