13 December 2022

The Importance of Live Customer Support in E-Commerce – A Case Study

A customer having an issue with their shopping experience can be detrimental to any business but it can especially be harmful to web shops.

Other than optimization and rigorous testing, one of the most important services that any online business, including web shops, should focus on, is live customer support.

The Issues of Not Having Live Customer Support

Most online sites that do not have live customer support tend to lose potential buyers due to an inability to answer their questions on time. This is exaggerated when a customer has an actual problem that needs resolving, rather than a simple query.

When it comes to web shops, customers that leave or are otherwise unable to complete their purchase, directly influence the profit. Businesses that sell services rather than products might fare better through email communication or even a call, should such an option be available.

The potentially more damaging issue of not having live support is negative word of mouth marketing. Someone who had problems purchasing at a web shop is likely to tell their friends to avoid the said web shop.

Any business with an online presence could benefit from live customer support.

Live Customer Support – A Simple Solution

Meeting the demands of the modern customer is important. With how everyone is short on time, being quick to respond or at least, give feedback to a customer, can be the difference maker between a purchase and a bad review.

Live customer service can be implemented in a couple of ways, but not all customers prefer the same method of communication.


Chatbots are efficient if a company is low on time or human resources dedicated to customer support. They have to be customized for every business to be effective. Customers might dislike software communicating to them, even more so if the communication is unproductive.

Live Chat

Live chat is the most prominent live customer support method. It is the most cost-effective way of communicating with a customer. It is readily available, for example, as a non-distracting popup in the corner of a page.

Communication and troubleshooting is also better when interacting with a human agent.

Phone Support

Unlike chatting, phone calls avoid the typical wait time and are even more effective when it comes to troubleshooting. However, phone support requires more resources to be implemented properly and some customers might not feel comfortable talking, as opposed to chatting.

It should be considered if a business expects to have a large customer base.

Before & After – Live Customer Support is Almost Mandatory

While a business could thrive without live customer support, in today’s world, it is recommended to have it implemented. Businesses can easily lose customers to untimely responses to queries or actual issues, whether technical or related to a product or service.

Even a negative shopping experience can lead to a customer simply leaving a web shop for one that has support on standby.

However, a customer’s shopping experience can be greatly improved even with chatbot interactions, let alone when communicating with a real customer support specialist.

A better shopping experience leads to more sales and to better reviews, which should, in turn, produce more customers.

Live customer support is a highly recommended feature for all web shops and with our team of professionals, implementing it will be an easy, hassle-free experience.


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