01 December 2022

The Importance of Customer Support and How to Improve It

There are a number of ways to improve customer support, and we’ll walk you through some of them below.

How many times have you heard the phrase “A satisfied customer is the best customer”? And how many times have you convinced yourself of its truthfulness. Because a satisfied customer is one who will spread the good word about you as a service provider or a product seller, about your service and product itself, and thus positively influence your business.

To bring together satisfied customers, you have to offer them a quality service or product and this is the main criterion that you have to satisfy in order to break through and then survive in the market. However, in addition to the quality of the product and service itself, quality customer service is very important, which is extremely important for retaining existing and attracting new customers and, ultimately, for improving the business. Here’s more information about what quality customer support means and how to make it happen.

What is customer support and why is it important?

Customer support is the support you provide to existing and potential customers of your products and users of your services, before or after the purchase, in order to provide them with the best possible customer experience. The foundation of a good customer experience lies in a good interaction with customers, which is now maintained through a large number of channels: telephone, social networks, email, mobile applications, chatbots, manuals, blogs, webinars, etc.
By providing quality and timely assistance, you make customers of your products and users of your services loyal to your brand. Due to good customer service, they will also be willing to pay a slightly higher price for a product or service to you, rather than to your competitors, as the difference in price will be compensated by a positive customer experience. They will leave you a positive review and invite other customers to also show their trust. It should not be forgotten that the verbal recommendation still has extremely great power and impact, and for you, it is a great free advertisement.

How to improve your customer support service?

There are a number of ways to improve customer service, and we’ll walk you through some of them below. 

1) Respond quickly to inquiries and be clear and precise

Whether you are communicating with the customer by phone, email, text, chat or other means, it is very important that you answer their question or request as quickly as possible. If your customer support is not working 24 hours a day but has specific and prominent working hours, make sure the customer receives a response as soon as possible. Waiting a long time to solve a problem with a customer can cause dissatisfaction and frustration, and ultimately discourage them from doing business with you.

Be aware that customers value their time and expect the same from you, and that they especially value the effort you have put into helping them. They want to get a complete solution to their problems in the short term, so make sure you’re clear and specific. Provide unambiguous and specific information and guidance to help resolve issues and prevent them from recurring.

2) Listen to the customer and dedicate your time to them

Always attentively listen to the customer and what they are telling you and try to help them as much as you can. The customer wants to feel that he is important to you and that you really listen to, hear and understand him, so make sure you dedicate your time to him. Try to put yourself in their place and try to understand their problem and find the most appropriate solution for it.

But before offering any solution, make sure that you have correctly identified the client’s problem. Listen to their remark or query without interrupting, ask questions and ask for answers that will clear up any confusion. This way, you will let the customer know that you respect their time and that you really want to help solve their problem.

3) Educate your support team members

Members of the customer support team, ambassadors of your company and brand and in communication with buyers and customers, must represent you in the best possible light. So educate your customer support team members about your products and services so they can give concrete and adequate answers, and encourage them to ask questions while interacting with customers to gather as much information as possible about the issue that concerns them.

There will always be more complex cases that may need to be redirected to more competent members of your team, but still – everyone needs to be able to help. Let them know that it is not bad to add a little personality to the service, address customers by name, show them that they remember the previous communication and that their opinion and satisfaction is important to them. The customer wants to know that on the other side, is a person who understands and sympathizes with them, and not a machine.

4) Be honest about what you don’t know

Nobody likes to be lied to. That includes the buyers and customers. They want you to effectively solve their problems and have a frank and open conversation with them. Therefore, if you may not have a concrete answer and solution to the problem at the moment, feel free to refer the customer to other appropriate sources or ask them to give you some time to devote to their case in more detail. Tell them you’ll follow up with them, then make sure you keep that promise. Keep customers informed of the steps you have taken and the information you have gathered, so that you can earn their respect and loyalty.

If you made a mistake – admit your mistake and then do everything in your power to correct it. Take responsibility for letting the customer know that you are aware of the problem and that you are not running away from it, but are, in fact, ready to deal with it.

5) Communicate respectfully and friendly

Whoever your interlocutor may be, do not forget to communicate with them with respect and friendliness. And even if they are hostile to you, rude or unpleasant. In such situations, remain polite and composed and do not enter into arguments in any way, because you are very likely not to win this battle.

Treat customers in a friendly way and with a lot of respect. Be polite and proactive, and offer help or a recommendation even before they ask for it. Show them your compassion and desire to help them, especially when you see that they are stressed, disappointed or angry.

6) Ask for feedback

If you want to improve your customer service and business, be sure to ask customers for feedback. Whether through feedback forms, questionnaires, surveys, or in direct conversation with them. Ask them what they think of your business, products or service, as well as your customer support.

Listen to what customers tell you, listen to their opinions, and take the time to identify areas where you might be able to make some improvements. Implement good tips to your business to be even more beneficial and helpful to your buyers and customers in the future.

7) Exceed expectations

What is very important in providing quality customer service is that you treat customers of your products and users of your services in the best possible way and that you not only meet, but also exceed their expectations. Commit to each customer as you would like someone else in a similar situation to commit to you.

Try to develop a lasting positive relationship with them that will make them come back to you again and again and recommend you to others. Be motivated and creative in solving problems and try to always give the customer something a little more. Because that way you build trust and create loyal customers.


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