24 October 2022

Sales Psychology – Triggers to Help Your Online Sales

Although we are often unaware of this, a number of factors, besides the product or service itself, their quality and price and our need for them, will influence our decision whether we will ultimately order or buy the product or service – or not. We are all human on the psychological side – we react similarly to certain things.

Building on this fact, Sales Psychology offers a range of strategies and techniques that can increase your sales, i.e. encourage customers to shop in your online store. Below are some of the psychological triggers that will help you increase online sales.

1. Cost breakdown

It is certainly not the same to the buyer whether when buying a certain product or paying for a certain service, a larger amount of money should be immediately allocated or whether the cost can be broken down into several smaller amounts. It is always easier to pay in installments and it is always better to hear that something costs only 84 euros per month, than that it costs 1000 euros. That something costs only 250 euros per month, but that it costs 3000 euros. So, as often as you can, communicate with customers in a way that costs something: “Only XY euros per month”. Use the word “just” as much as possible because it plays a huge role in sales.

Product packages

Customers like to buy more things at once, bundled together. They’d rather allocate money for more things at once than for each of the products individually. Because of the simple feeling that they got more for their money. So offer them a bundle of more connected products. Why buy a cell phone if I can buy protection for it right now, headphones, maybe a selfie stick?

3. Related products

In addition to packages with predetermined products that are included, given the fact that customers like to buy multiple things at once, you can also offer related products. Offer them options like “Related Products” or “Customers who bought this product also bought this”. Give them the choice to buy headphones with their mobile phone, but without having to take a selfie stick at the same time, which they already know they won’t use in advance.

4. Narrowing down choices

Very often, when they have too many choices, customers go into a state called analytical or choice paralysis. They start analyzing too much, they can’t decide, and in the end, they don’t buy anything. Instead of offering them, for example, 20 models of similar T-shirts, narrow down your choices to help them make a decision. Offer them 5 or 6 T-shirts and rather focus on presenting a few of them as well as possible and making them as attractive to customers as possible. Something they just have to have.

5. Creating the Illusion of Deficiency

Last pieces” or “Only a few pieces left in stock” will often be seen in online stores. That is not by accident at all. Knowing that they might run out of the products they want, that they might find it inaccessible, that someone might take it from under their nose – makes customers decide to buy faster. Therefore, rather than “100 customers bought this product”, write “Just a few more products in stock”. Encourage customer fear of missing out and the effect will surely be greater.

6. Coming Soon

If you want to increase sales, it is not only enough to attract customers, but also to get them to return to your online store asoften as possible. Some stores, for this very reason, do not release entire collections simultaneously to the market. You wonder where the logic lies? So, imagine a woman looking for a suit. She visits an online store, finds exactly the suit she’s looking for and decides to buy it in a set. However, the jacket is available, and the trousers show the inscription “Coming soon”. She bought a jacket, of course she wants the pants, as well. Therefore, she will watch closely for them to appear in stock and buy them with great joy. But at the same time, they will also look at what else is offered, and maybe buy some more. Maybe a shirt or a scarf. And just like that, she bought not two, but three or more of your products.

7. Playing with emotions

To encourage customers to buy, you must give them a reason to pay attention to you and what you offer them. How? Play with their emotions. Show them not only what you’re selling, but how you can help them be more satisfied or happier. If you trigger an emotion in customers, they’re more likely to buy something. Let your texts, and especially your titles, be filled with emotion. Let them describe the product you are selling as a means to bring customers happiness, which will make their lives better than before they bought it.

8. Free Shipping & Returns

A large number of customers still have mistrust towards online shopping. They are not sure if the product you are offering them is exactly what they need and want, and they would rather go to a physical store and take a closer look or try the product they want to buy. Many are not yet ready to accept the risk of buying unseen, especially if they have to pay for the purchased product to be delivered to them, or if it does not suit them – to return it. But if you offer them free shipping and the possibility of a free return, that risk disappears and customers will have a much easier time shopping online.

9. Exclusivity

It’s human nature to want to possess something that others don’t. Something exclusive that others will envy you for. Therefore, if you want to create demand for something you offer and sell that product as quickly as possible, it will often not be necessary to show it as the best, most beautiful or most affordable. It will suffice to portray it as an exclusive product, which only the privileged ones will be lucky to enjoy. Take Birkin bags, for example. They are extremely expensive, but still one of the most sought-after fashion items in the world. Because, although any other bag would fulfill their purpose, no one like Birkin is at the same time a status symbol and an indicator of social power and prestige. And as such, something any woman would want to have.

10. Time limited products

If you add exclusivity and a time limit – you can easily expect the product to be sold out in the shortest term possible. Because the human psyche is a wonder. We hate missing an opportunity. If we see an offer for something that we used to want, but didn’t buy because it was too expensive, under pressure of time we’ll buy without thinking too much. Even though we don’t need it so much anymore. Because it’s a unique opportunity and it needs to be seized, right?

11. Free gifts

We all love gifts. And there isn’t a customer who won’t enjoy a free gift with a purchase. Because it gives them the feeling that for the same amount of money – they actually got more. So, if you sell cosmetic products, for example, offer the customer with the purchase of a powder, a free sample of makeup cleansing wipes. The powder will immediately be more appealing to the customer  and they will believe that it is a good offer which, due to a free gift, would be wise to accept.

12. A higher purpose

If you want to get customers’ attention, connect your company to a charity venture. As we have already stated, people are guided by emotions when buying, so if you give them the opportunity to do some good by buying, which will make them feel good – they will be happy to take advantage of that opportunity. Emphasize that, for example, with each dog food package purchased, you will give one such package to the shelters for abandoned dogs. Well, who wouldn’t support that kind of event and give you a buying edge?

13. Instant Gratification

All of us, when we want something, we want it now or as soon as possible. Physical stores have an advantage over online stores, because the customer can enter and exit the store with what they have bought. Therefore, as the owner of the online store, try to enable your customers to enjoy the benefits of the products they have purchased as soon as possible. Accelerate delivery, if possible give a guarantee of delivery the next day and the positive effect on sales will certainly not be absent.


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