29 June 2022

The Importance of the Website in Company Branding

The importance of the website in branding: How to Make the Most of it?

Everyone knows that having an online presence today is essential for any form of business. And we often hear the term “branding” in the same context. Therefore, before we move on to the topic of the importance of the website in branding, we need to answer one fundamental question:

What exactly is branding?

Branding involves strategies, activities and procedures that give a product or service recognition on the market. In other words, branding makes you stand out from the competition.

Your brand has something that makes it special and why customers and clients will choose it over someone else. But we can’t say that branding only serves to turn potential buyers and customers into the right ones.

Branding involves building a personal connection with the brand. And this is crucial to a successful business.

Why do you need branding?

We will list a few key reasons:

  • There’s a lot of competition. This means that there are dozens, hundreds or thousands of other companies just in a geographically narrow area, offering the same product or service as you. Branding will give you that “something” which will make you stand out in the eyes of your customers. Does that really work, though? Ask yourself one question: if you could choose between two sweatpants, one has no brand, and the other has the Adidas logo with three lines – which would you choose?
  • Demanding customers and clients. Today’s consumers have a lot of knowledge and are informed about products and services. This is primarily due to the internet and the availability of information. This is why they require a lot of brands to choose them, not the competition. By branding, you show them your strengths, that is, the best sides.
  • Brand loyaltyAccording to research, brand loyalty is on the rise. This means that if you earn their trust, customers will always choose you, not your competition – despite everything.

So, branding will make you stand out in the masses and get you loyal buyers, that is, clients. The brand itself includes a name, brand personality, visual identity, the vision it represents to the public and much more. And here we come to the importance of the website in branding.

Namely, it is the website that can fully present all aspects of your brand.

The importance of the online world

We have already noted that today, consumers spend a lot of time in the online world. Whether it’s Google search, social media, or classic page surfing, we’re constantly getting new information that we store in our memory if it’s important to us.

There is also a possibility that your (potential) customers and clients will reach your website. If they like what they see there, you increase the possibility of them buying a product or service. For example, if you are engaged in the production and sale of natural cosmetics, and your website is visited by a person who shares your views on ecology and sustainability, they will remember your products and probably come back next time they need something you sell.

How, then, can you include the values, appearance and message of your brand on the website?

Website content

When we say the content of the website, we mean all the texts, visuals and photos that are there.

Texts should constantly reflect the messages you want to send to your customers and clients. If you are a natural cosmetics company as mentioned earlier, please explain in detail the vision and mission of your brand in the “About us” category. Let words like “sustainable”, “natural” or “eco-friendly” be visible everywhere, especially at the end of the products themselves.

On the other hand, visuals and photos should reflect your visual identity. If a palette of green and earth tones prevails in it, do not use red and blue on the graphics.

Website design

If your company’s motto is simplicity of all ingredients and love for nature, and you’re targeting an adult audience, so let the design of the website reflect that.

This means that you should use a simple, clean design with a limited amount of colors (which should be in the palette of your visual identity). Of course, continue to use the same typographies. Most often, all of this is determined by a quality visual manual.

Marketing strategy

If you are trying to convey a specific message through a brand-based marketing strategy, make it visible on your website. Maybe you’re not just trying to sell natural/ecological products, but you’re trying to change the whole way other people think.

That way, on your website, you should encourage people to change their way of buying and turn to sustainable products.

Now, why is this important?

Your website is all yours. You are not on a social network and are not limited by the type and amount of content. It can be fully adapted to your needs.

This means that you can display absolutely everything that your company stands for, that is, display your entire brand.

And if you also brand your website, you achieve consistency. Just like on your social media, promotional materials, and physical stores, it will deliver the same message. This consistency brings authenticity, which in turn builds customer trust and loyalty.

If you are looking for a website that will faithfully and qualitatively display your brand, please contact us. In our ten years of experience, we have built many websites that establish brands in the domestic and foreign markets.


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