13 December 2022

Displaying Available Payment Options – A Case Study

Information is a key component of making a purchase nowadays, from the technical information about a product, to its features and finally, the available payment options. Some customers find it easier to deal with cash while others are more likely to pay with credit cards only.

Making sure that the customers know which payment option is available is a very important factor for the success of a weeb shop.

Payment Option Availability Can Skew Opinions And Foil Purchases

A customer planning for a purchase can be met with disappointment when they realize that they cannot finalize it, due to not knowing in advance that a payment option they preferred or that they could use, was unavailable.

Some customers are unable to make a purchase with certain payment options, and if they find that out late in their purchase stage, at the checkout, for example, they might lose interest in the web shop and even leave a negative review.

From losing potential customers due to them not knowing which payment options are available to accumulating negative reviews, the lack of transparency and clear communication can be a problem for web shops.

Displaying Payment Options Conveniently – An Easy Way to Keep Customers Informed

Payment options are important for some customers. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, customers want to know about cryptocurrencies as a potential payment option, let alone the already established ones.

It would be beneficial to display the available payment options wherever they would be clearly visible in a convenient way. The following payment options are what customers mostly expect and want to see:

  • Cash on Delivery or CoD
  • Credit card
  • Installment payments
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Cryptocurrencies

Whether your shop supports all these payment options is less relevant compared to making sure the customers know in advance that they are available. Clear communication before any planning or emotional investment takes place on the customer’s side is the way to a loyal customer base.

When a customer knows which payment options they can make use of, they are more likely to continue shopping, even more so if the prices are displayed in regards to the available payment options.

Web Shop Basics – Displaying Available Payment Options Increases Customer Retention

It is easy to assume that customers nowadays will do everything they can to research a product before purchasing it, however, there are some expectations that should be met.

Most sites follow design patterns and web shops are not exceptions, especially when it comes to presenting the customers with the information relevant to them.

Payment option availability is among the very basics that every web shop should display as clearly as possible, in a way that the customer cannot miss it.

If a customer makes it to the final stages of the purchase only to realize that they cannot complete it using their preferred payment option will most likely lead to one less customer, perhaps even a negative review.

However, payment options can be shown on product pages, the home page, or wherever it would be the most convenient for the customers, and with that, every customer’s demands can be met. Some prefer installment payments and others, CoD.

Keeping every page updated on available payment opinions, as well as other information that is relevant to the customer is a huge responsibility. So why not let our team of professionals handle it?


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