28 September 2022

Customer Loyalty – How to Acquire And Retain it

Find out why customer loyalty is one of the most important things in business.

After you have opened a web shop and tried to promote it in the best possible way and to attract as many customers as possible, it is time to work on acquiring and retaining customer loyalty. Because they’re a loyal customer – they’re the best customer. Their loyalty not only represents their desire to order your products and services over and over again, but also means a deeper connection with your brand, products or services that you offer them. A loyal customer base means a certain stability that every company dreams of.

Why are loyal customers important?

The importance of a loyal customer is not only that they will buy your products or use your services over and over again. A loyal customer has already developed a certain emotional connection to your brand and they:

  • will not seek other similar products or services, nor accept offers from other companies,
  • will recommend your brand, product or service to others and give positive reviews,
  • will provide you with valuable feedback essential to improving your offer,
  • will support other customers and stimulate them to purchase,
  • will be less annoyed if there is a problem with the product or service ordered.

Offer quality to the customer

You also want to gain customer loyalty, it is important first of all to offer them continuous quality. Not only in terms of the product or service, but also in terms of the process of finding what they need and ordering or buying it. Make sure that you provide quality and detailed information about what you offer, and that the prices of services and products are clearly displayed. Offer them answers to frequently asked questions about services and products, or tutorials and guides with additional useful information on how to use them. Make sure your website loads fast enough and is easy to navigate. Give customers a smooth and fast ordering process and offer them the largest possible choice of payment options. All of this affects the customer’s perception of how important they are to you and how important it is for you to give them the ultimate shopping experience.

Thank the customer and ask for feedback

If you want loyal customers who will keep coming back to you, make sure that your communication with them does not stop with the conclusion of a certain purchase. Thank them for shopping with you and that you’ll be there for them next time. Let them know that their shopping experience and satisfaction  with purchased products matter to you.Invite them to let you know if and to what extent they are satisfied with the purchased product or service and to complete a survey on your web, follow you on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or write a positive review. Reviews as authentic testimonials from real buyers are worth their weight in gold because someone who is not sure whether they should buy from you or not will check out other people’s experiences with your company and decide whether they will do business with you. Once you’ve requested feedback, act on it. Of course, as much as possible and in accordance with your business policy. Customers will appreciate that you want to hear their opinions, and even more so, that you are adopting their well-intentioned suggestions. You will show them that you are committed to constantly improving communication and doing business with them.

Be at the customer’s disposal even after the purchase has been made

Make it as easy and quick as possible for customers  to get in touch with you, whether by email, chat, phone or through social media. Not just before, but after the purchase. Show them that you’re always available, ready to listen and help. Make yourself available to them and respond to their inquiries as soon as possible. Respond to all reviews, no matter what they are – positive or negative. Keep your answers polite, professional and in line with your brand vision. Show that you accept both the compliment and the criticism and that you care about solving any problems or concerns to your mutual satisfaction. If customers feel that you understand them, they are more likely to become emotionally attached to your brand. In this way, you build trust, which is extremely important when it comes to customer loyalty.

Reward Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are those who return to you again and again, are satisfied with your products and services, pay on time and are friendly in communication. These are customers who certainly need to be given more attention and rewarded for trusting you. There are several ways you can reward loyal customers. And not only those who often buy from you, but also those who have brought you new customers with their recommendations. You can, for example, give them a discount on their next purchase, a discount on products they buy regularly, or a discount on products that they will use to top up previously purchased products. You can pre-announce the event or sale you’re preparing, give them free delivery on their next order, or deliver a small gift. This won’t be a blow to your budget, and it will cheer the customers up. Through established partnership with other companies, work together to attract customers, but also reward those faithful, i.e. loyal. For example, if you sell cosmetic accessories, send them a free sample of your partner’s face cream along with the purchased product, and vice versa.

Be as loyal to the customers as they are to you

Loyalty must not be a one-way street. If you want loyal customers, you have to be loyal to them, too. Let them know that they are important to you and that you want to do business with them. It’s not enough to just convince someone to buy your product or order your service. You have to make sure that the next time they search for something like this, regardless of the offers of others, they purchase it from you. Therefore, as much as possible, in communicating and doing business with them – be more giving. Modern customers want to feel seen, heard and appreciated. To know that in this process, largely impersonal online shopping, along with them is nevertheless a person who wants to help them and who will be grateful for their purchase. Because in this digital age, one-on-one interactions  are still highly valued.


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